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Cynthia Joy Crozier has been working as a Wellness Coach since March of 2014. She received training and earned her certification from the Spencer Institute, a leader in the growing industry of life and wellness coaching. Cynthia began by meeting clients at her local Dunkin Donuts. She helped real people work through common problems like difficulty with weight loss, overwhelming stress, and addiction. Her training from the Spencer Institute has allowed her to move on from sessions at the donut shop. She now shares office space with other wellness professionals where she has the opportunity to provide her expertise in a relaxing and comfortable environment. In her spare time she even offers free seminars for anyone who wants an introduction to practical methods for life improvement. It’s a rewarding way to work and live -- earning an income helping people who need a lift. Cynthia is just one success story. She couldn’t have gained her expertise without the guidance of the Spencer Institute. The wellness market is growing rapidly. One example of this is provided by the corporate environment, where 50% of organizations now provide wellness programs for their employees. Providing others with ways to manage their wellness is not only a matter of love -- it can be lucrative too. We live in a world of stressful workplaces, unhealthy food, complicated relationships, and difficulty sleeping. People everywhere are looking for help, motivation, joy, and rejuvenation. Some people who struggle are already successful but are looking to take the next step towards a lifelong dream, while others need a mentor to advise them on how to make it happily through their latest personal or professional rut. Spencer Institute provides an opportunity to help others, but also an opportunity to help yourself. Personal freedom is a major benefit of starting your own wellness or life coaching business. You can work your own hours from home, develop a client base of your choosing, and help real people improve their lives in an area that you’re passionate about. There are many programs available. Health. Mind. Body. Fitness. Relaxation. Sleep. Strategies for life. The Institute provides extensive mentorship and esteemed certification so that you can become a successful coach to anyone from housewives to executives. The featured program is Wellness Coach Certification. This training provides innovative instruction that goes well beyond common wellness certifications. All courses from the Spencer Institute are a step above the norm in life-coach education. The Life Strategies Coach Certification is perfect for those who don’t have any experience in the life-coaching business. It’s a great introductory course for those who are still trying to discover the right niche. 43% of Americans have reported trouble getting a good night’s sleep. With the Spencer Institute you can become a Certified Sleep Science Coach to help your clients get back to a restful night. There are many more esteemed certifications available: from personal chef to fitness, sports psychology, hypnosis, green living, design psychology, holism, and stress management. Whatever your expertise, interest, or ambition, the Spencer Institute offers help for those who want to help others.

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